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Gear Grinding Methods with CNC Technology

July 24, 2018

Gear Grinding Methods with CNC Technology

Increasing demand for decreased noise emission and increased efficiency of gears raises the standards for the whole industry. Gear grinding is the process of shaping teeth and splines for any given gear with advanced CNC machinery, making for more efficient gears and shorter grinding times.


There are two main methods employed in gear grinding:


In form grinding, or non-generating grinding, a disc wheel is used to grind both sides of the space between splines. Attached to the wheel is an involute form to guide the grinding process.


Generating grinding is straight sided, meaning that the gear moves along the abrasive tool to form the splines.


At True Gear, we are able to produce ground gears with up to 1250 mm in diameter and 1000 mm face width.  We employ modern machinery which is capable of grinding spur gears, helical gears, crowned gears and double helical gears. We are able to fabricate gears with a high degree of accuracy and speed, including splines, worms and other special profiles.


We meet the industrial standard by using advanced CNC software with a capability for on-board inspection which enables us to comply with AGMA and DIN standards. Every gear undergoes meticulous inspection to ensure gear quality and design precision. We can produce gears that conform to the highest quality standard, AGMA Class 14 standards.


Gear grinding with CNC technology and extensive technical expertise ensures that teeth or splines on a gear are accurate and reliable, fabricated at any scale without quality loss. Each of the two processes utilized has its own costs, speed and benefits. After the gear grinding process is done each gear is treated in order to polish and finish the gear’s surface.


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