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Gear Grinding Process: Technology, Benefits and Types

February 10, 2023

In the world of manufacturing and engineering, grinding gears is an important process used in producing precision gears. This kind of precision requires specific technology that can achieve very accurate high-finish results. Gear grinding is a process used to shape and finish gears in order to maximize performance and increase the life of the gear. In this blog post, we will explore the technology behind gear grinding, its benefits and its types. We’ll also discuss some of the most popular gear-grinding machines currently on the market. Read on to learn more about how this process works and what makes it so beneficial for manufacturers.

What is gear grinding?

It is a process of finishing gear teeth by abrasive action produced by a rotating wheel. Gear grinding wheels are used to remove the remaining material from a gear tooth to obtain the desired finish and surface roughness. The main benefits of gear grinding are:


- increased gear life

- increased load-carrying capacity

- increased reliability


There are two types of gear grinding: form grinding and generating grinding. Form grinding is performed after heat treatment to achieve a more precise tooth shape. Generating grinding is performed without heat treatment and can be used to create new, customized tooth shapes. We further explain the difference between form grinding and generation grinding 

The difference between Form grinding (non-generating) and Generation Grinding

Form grinding
Form grinding is the process of machining a gear by feeding the workpiece through a grinding wheel that is shaped to the desired form. The main advantage of form grinding is that it can be used to produce gears with very accurate shapes and sizes. Form grinding is also capable of producing gear teeth with a very fine finish.

Generation grinding
Generation grinding is a type of gear-grinding process that uses a computer-generated tooth profile as a guide for the grinding wheel. The advantage of generation grinding is that it can produce gears with very accurate shapes and sizes. Generation grinding is also capable of producing gear teeth with a very fine finish.

What are the benefits of gear grinding?

The grinding process uses abrasive wheels to remove material from the surface of a workpiece. The benefits of gear grinding include:


1. Increased precision: Gear grinding can produce very precise shapes and sizes with tight tolerances.

2. Smoother surface finish: The abrasive wheels used in gear grinding create a smooth surface finish on the workpiece.

3. Hardness and strength: Grinding gears can improve the hardness and strength of the workpiece.

4. Greater wear resistance: The increased hardness and strength of the workpiece can improve its wear resistance.


What are the various types of gear?

The various types of gear have different gear applications. The most common type of gear is the spur gear, which has straight teeth and is used for transmitting motion between parallel shafts. Other types of gear include:


Helical gear: 

Has curved teeth which transmit motion between parallel shafts in a more efficient manner than spur gears.


Bevel gear:

Used to transmit motion between two non-parallel shafts, such as when connecting two perpendicular shafts.


Worm gear:

Used to reduce the speed ratio between two shafts, while also introducing a high amount of torque.


Planetary gear:

A type of gear system consisting of three or more interlocking gears that rotate around a central axis in order to produce different speed and torque ratios.


Rack and pinion:

A linear gear system is composed of a rack (a linear gear) that meshes with a pinion (rotating cylindrical gear). It is often used for steering systems in automobiles.


The role of CNC machining in gear grinding

CNC machining is a process that uses computer-controlled gear grinding machines to remove material from a workpiece. This grinding process is often used to create gears, as it can produce very precise and accurate results. Grinding gears is a process that removes material from the surface of a gear using a rotating abrasive wheel. This grinding process can be used to create very smooth and accurate surfaces on gears, which are necessary for many applications such as automotive transmissions. CNC machining is often used in gear grinding, as it can produce very precise results. 


CNC machining is used to create the correct gear shape and size as well as accurately control the wheel dressing process. This allows for a more precise gear than would be achievable with manual grinding. In addition, CNC machining can also be used to control the wheel speed, which helps to ensure that the gear is correctly shaped and finished. The use of CNC machining in grinding gears can reduce manufacturing costs and increase product quality.

Why you should rely on True Gear & Spline Ltd. for gear grinding?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a gear-grinding company. However, if you're looking for quality gear-grinding services, then you should definitely rely on True Gear & Spline Ltd.

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In conclusion, gear grinding is a unique and very precise process used to create the highest quality of gear. The grinding process has become an essential part of automotive and aerospace manufacturing for its many advantages, such as longer life and higher tolerance limits. There are different types of gear grinding processes available depending on your application requirements. You can rely on True Gear & Spline Ltd. for all your gear and spline needs. Our experts will make sure all your gear manufacturing needs are met with the highest level of standards. Call us today to learn about everything we can do for you.