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Gear Grinding To Gear Shaping: A Guide To Gear Manufacturing

July 04, 2018

Gear manufacturing is a highly competitive market in the manufacturing industry. From gear shaping and grinding, to gear cutting and hobbing, a provider needs to have numerous services offered to be able to serve a wide variety of client needs and requirements.


To provide the best gear shaping, grinding and cutting services, a company must utilize the best staff and the latest technology to produce the best possible products.


Gear Grinding

Gear grinding is the process of grinding gear teeth so that it will mesh perfectly with the groove of another gear. A gear company must be able to create high-quality gearing on a constant basis. This can be achieved by using dependable grinding machines.


A high quality grinding machine should accommodate different types of gear profiles such as spur gears, helical gears, double helical gears, worm gears, splines, and even crowned gears. The process must also meet the standards set by the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA).


Gear Hobbing

Gear hobbing is the process of cutting gears to manufacture shafts, splines, timing pulleys, and sprockets. Using a gear hob, a blank metal work-piece is rotated against a spinning hob to create multiple recesses within the piece, which in turn, creates the teeth of the gear. This is relatively less expensive compared to other gear forming processes but equally as effective and accurate.


Gear Shaping

Gear shaping is another service that many gear manufacturing companies provide. It’s a process wherein a gear is machined to create teeth using a cutter. While gear hobbing and gear shaping both involve the cutting of a gear, the difference lies in the amount of teeth being cut. Gear shaping individually cuts tooth by tooth while gear hobbing simultaneously cuts all the teeth at once.


When you need gear shaping, hobbing, or grinding done, trust our expertise at True Gear & Spline. We employ the use of the best technology available on the market, allowing us to produce different types of gears in an accurate and efficient manner with the help of CNC technology.