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Gear Manufacturing is the Backbone of Industry

February 03, 2021

Gear Manufacturing is the Backbone of Industry

At True Gear and Spline, we have spent decades working in the gear manufacturing industry to supply clients with high-quality gears and splines. Over the years, we have learnt how every small component is crucial to the smooth operations of an entire industry. Indeed, there are a plethora of industries that rely on the services of gear manufacturing companies like True Gear and Spline. By supplying them with high-quality parts, we help enable them to keep their machinery in tiptop condition.


Here are just some of the industries that require gear manufacturing services:


Agricultural Industry

The agricultural world has great need for gears due to its immense reliability on various types of equipment and machinery. Some examples include forestry equipment, pellet mills, shredders, and manure spreading equipment. Without these equipment, the industry will not be able to function, especially since most agricultural processes are done on a wide, industrial scale.


Mining Industry

Just like the agriculture industry, most if not all mining process are done on a wide, industrial scale. This means that downtime is unacceptable, and the smooth transition from one process to another is crucial. All equipment and machinery has to be in excellent condition, especially since the risk of accidents is so much more serious in this industry.


Steel and Metal Processing

Steel and metal processing or fabricating companies are also some of the most notable clients of gear manufacturing companies. Unlike the aforementioned industries, steel and metal plants can also be found on a smaller scale. Despite that, all of them have tight turnaround times as they service larger industries that have a great need for steel and metal products. As such, equipment repair and maintenance is an important part of the process, and as such partnering with gear manufacturers for parts is crucial.


As you can see, gear manufacturing is an important part of the wider economy and serves to power all kinds of industries. At True Gear and Spline, we are always proud of the work we do and hope to keep improving in the years to come.