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Gear Shaping - A Quick Guide

October 30, 2017

Gears are wheels with accurately cut teeth around its edges. They are widely used in locomotives, automobiles, plants and a variety of other industries. Gears play an important part in machines and other mechanical innovations and it is essential to use high quality gears to ensure that your equipment is working properly and to help minimize business process disruptions. Since gears are often customized for a specific assembly or use, gear shaping is crucial in producing excellent quality gears to best suit your specific tasks. Gear shaping is a machining process for creating a gear through a cutter. It is a versatile and convenient cutting method which is vastly used in gear manufacturing.

Gear shaping makes use of a variety of cutters to cater to different types of teeth or grooves. Gear cutters are grouped into four categories - the disk, hub, helical and the shank.

Gear shaping is an accurate cutting process that produces high surface finish.

This process has the advantage of generating teeth close to shoulders since each tooth is cut one by one, differing from gear hobbing, where all grooves are cut simultaneously. A downside of gear shaping is that it takes more time. Gear shaping is an ideal option for intricate gears that require exceptional accuracy. With gear shaping, gears can be modified to different types of tooth shapes, from protuberance tip to full fillet radius.

Customizing gears is an essential task that must be done with great care to ensure excellent performance. True Gear & Spline is a company that can accommodate virtually any gear request. They have the experience and technological expertise to provide high quality products to suit your business requirements. True Gear & Spline offers an extensive list of services which includes gear cutting, gear grinding, and internal splines. True Gear & Spline is dedicated to helping your business grow and will provide the highest industry standard to help your company complete projects timely and accomplish your establishment's goals.