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Helical Gears in Automotive Applications

April 04, 2019

Helical gears are a useful component in a number of applications across a range of industries. The automotive industry depends on these gears primarily for vehicle transmission processes. Helical-type gears are stronger than straight-cut gears like spur gears, as they have more teeth meshing ability which allows for a larger surface area to bear the load. This makes the helical-type gear a suitable gear candidate for heavy-duty automotive applications such as transmission functionality.


Today we’ll further discuss the physical characteristics that mark the helical gear as a suitable gear candidate in automotive applications:



Gear Design and Type


Helical type gears are cylindrical in profile and have slanted teeth, which give it a more curved overall appearance. Its angled teeth are designed for gradual contact with a female gear, with less overall friction. Their driving force allows helical-type gears to endure an incredible amount of weight.

There are two main types of helical design. The conventional helical-type gear is described above. The other is known as a herringbone gear. It is defined by its side-to-side rows of teeth.


Automotive Applications


By design helical-type gears are perfect for applications that involve high speeds or heavy loads. Helical-type gears smoothly carry out these processes effectively and quietly in comparison to other gear types. Heavy duty automotive applications like transmission processes depend on helical-type gears to function efficiently as they offer less friction and are best suited to handle everyday wear and tear. As suggested, this is largely due to their increased teeth meshing ability which creates less friction and enables for heavy loads to be transferred across a larger surface area.



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