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How Gear Shaping Is Done at Its Best

March 13, 2020

Gear shaping is one of the fundamental parts of gear manufacturing and is usually the process used to create spur gears, helical gears, and double helical gear types.


Accuracy and consistency are the fundamental principles for gear shaping and gear cutting. True Gear and Spline has upgraded its gear shaping capabilities with the addition of 2 Mitsubishi ST40 CNC Gear Shapers.


The machine offers dramatically reduced changeover time as the shaping process of different gears is done through CNC control and requires no helical guide. The great combination of this decreased time and the skills of our experienced operators has enabled us to become much more productive and reliable in shaping various types of gears. With the machine’s heavy-duty capability and high-speed operation, it provides both internal and external helical gear cutting abilities.


All of our manufactured gears go through a rigorous inspection process, making sure your requirements are met. Along with this machine is our Pfauter PSA500 which also represents the most sophisticated technology available. In addition to standard spur gears and involute spines, the machine provides unique capabilities of shaping internal, external and double helical gears. With the machine’s CNC controlled helix angle capabilities and quick return stroke, lead times for big production runs can be accommodated more easily.


All our gear shapers have a flexible guide system that is capable of processing helical gears up to 36° in either direction requiring no guide. As most gears, not just helical gears, have to be shaped based on the unique requirements of the customers, we commit ourselves to a policy of prioritizing customer satisfaction over anything else.


Contact True Gear today to learn about the different gear shaping machines and the services we offer. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll provide you with the best gear manufacturing there is.