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How the Tools of the CNC Machining Trade Operate

August 02, 2019

How the Tools of the CNC Machining Trade Operate

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) can be briefly surmised as allowing computer-embedded systems to have full authority of the control of multipurpose machines. Providing a means to increase precision, by orders of magnitude, through numerical directives to these otherwise exclusively human operated tools has benefited, in particular, the automotive industry.



Thanks to CNC machining, it has paved the way for prototyping and production that is now faster, cheaper, and more consistent in output.



While there is no shortage in the number of CNC machines in the market, and operations of these machines can comprise an entire article themselves, we’ve categorised what we believe to be the two cornerstones of CNC machining systems that have helped make major progressions in the automotive sector – milling, and turning.


CNC Milling Machines


While there exist a large subset of milling machines that are suitable for very specific use-cases, they all share a common feature - X and Y axes being their primary axes for work, hence commonly being referenced as X-Y machines. Electric discharge machines, water jet cutters, etc. also fall under this naming convention, and many of the principles applied to milling machines carry over in their usage to these machines.


CNC machining has allowed the development of milling tools that are now able to carry out a number of different machining tasks, in addition to their conventional milling uses – ranging from drilling, boring, tapping, thread cutting, and numerous others.


CNC Turning Machines


Turning, performed on a lathe, is commonplace in practically every known machine shop, and is typically used when material removal, using a turning tool, of a round stock is needed in cases such as machining wheels, bores, shafts, etc.


Much akin to CNC milling machines, CNC lathes allow the scope of the work to accommodate more operations in addition to its standard turning and boring procedures - namely drilling, grooving, threading, etc.


The ubiquity of CNC systems has allowed for a more holistic approach when it comes to what these models can now accomplish, and may now be more applicable to cite them as CNC Machining Centers. Much like a Swiss Army Knife, much of this equipment is now integrated with a carousel (a multi-tool component), and an automatic tool and palette changer.


Experts in CNC Services


At True Gear & Spline, we’re dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality gears, and spline shafts in Canada. With over four decades of CNC machining experience manufacturing products such as helical gear, bevel gears, internal gears, crown gears, and splines, we’ve had the privilege of having our products be used in numerous high-profile sectors such as aerospace, automotive, military, and agriculture industries.   


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