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Importance of Hobbing in Manufacturing Spline Shafts

April 15, 2021

Importance of Hobbing in Manufacturing Spline Shafts

Hobbing is one of the most widely used machining processes in creating different ridges or teeth on spline shafts. Furthermore, the ability of hobbing machines to cut accurately is one of the reasons why hobbing is valued in the manufacturing process of splined shafts.


How the hobbing process can be used to make spline shafts


The use of horizontal hobbing machines

Horizontal hobbing machines are specifically used for longer pieces like spline shafts. The horizontal orientation allows the hobbing tool to move easily from left to right or vice versa.  


The use of the rotating workpiece

The rotating cutter called the hob progressively cuts the grooves or teeth into the workpiece until the desired tooth configuration is achieved. The cutting edges work simultaneously which results in fast cutting speeds and shorter cycle times.


The use of the perfect hobbing tool

Usually made of carbide, the hob is cylindrical in shape with helical cutting teeth. The right hobbing tool creates the desired tooth size and angle of the spline. Specifically, involute spline hobs are made with single or multiple thread designs and can have pressure angles of 30°, 37.5°, or 45°.


The use of the wet hobbing machine

When the hob performs at its best, it can cut precise splines that fit with its mating component. For this reason, cutting fluids are a must for every wet hobbing process. They are used in hobbing machines to enhance lubricity, inhibit bacteria growth and prevent rust. Specifically, water-based fluids can effectively remove heat than oil.


Hobbing is an efficient machining process in creating spline shafts. Its horizontal orientation is perfect for handling long workpieces while its many cutting edges shorten the whole process. 


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