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Increasing Production Rates with Modern Gear Manufacturing

July 31, 2018

Increasing Production Rates with Modern Gear Manufacturing

One of the most popular and versatile production options in gear manufacturing process is gear shaping. This process can cut through different types of gears, include gears closely adjacent to shoulders, adjacent to other gears, internal gears which are either open or blind ended, and crown or face gears.


Other gears of solid configuration with a center groove can also be shaped as well as those parts with filled-in spaces or teeth. Typically, a gear cutter has relieved cutting edges and increased addendum that provides clearance for the gear to be cut.


In deciding for a more effective form of gear manufacturing, gear type and production cost have to be taken into account.


Employing advanced technologies, new gear shaping machines are able and well-equipped to shape all types and sizes of gears. The latest in electronic shaping heads, for example, is capable of performing helical movements with its directly driven spindle, eliminating the need for additional mechanical effort and time. This kind of machine offers maximum flexibility by machining spur and helical gears in just one setting. Multiple gear teeth can be shaped out of one work-piece. This is ideal in shaping automotive shafts, where the first gear should have helical teeth while the reverse gear must have straight teeth.


This type of advanced gear shaping machinery is also perfect for prototype production of different amounts of crowns or asymmetrical gears. It can achieve high quantity production rates with double strokes per minute. Its compact design makes it possible to install in constrained spaces. Gear development is an ongoing process that is constantly improving, and manufacturers will continue to need machines that can provide these advances while still working efficiently for flexible costs.


True Gear & Spline specializes in CNC gear shaping using the most sophisticated technology and shapers available. Our machines provide capabilities for standard spur gears and for both internal and external helical gears. Equipped with CNC controlled helix angle capabilities and fast return stroke, cycle times for your large production runs can be easily accommodated. 


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