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Key Differences Between Helical And Spur Gears

August 08, 2022

Key Differences Between Helical And Spur Gears

Knowing the specifics is essential before sourcing gears and splines. Everything from the measurement and quality to the price and intended application should be clear. However, knowing the gear type you want to source is important before sourcing gears and splines. Worm, bevel, and hypoid are common gear types used across industries. However, helical and spur are two of the most popular gears owing to their excellent qualities. If you are wondering what key differences between the helical and spur gears are, read this blog until the end.

Major differences between the spur and helical gears 


The alignment and angle of the teeth are one of the significant differences between the spur and the helical gear. In a helical gear, the teeth are inclined at an angle named the helix angle with the gear axis, thus getting its name. The teeth are parallel to the gear axis in spur type of gears.

Bearing loads
The load imposed on the bearing is different for the spur and the helical gear. The former only impose radial load on bearings, while the latter imposes axial thrust along with the radial load. Bearings that can handle both radial loads and axial thrusts should be employed along with helical gears for best results.

While spur type of gears can be used only for parallel shafts, helical gears can be used with parallel and crossed shafts. 

Point of contact

The entire tooth comes in contact with the mating tooth during spur gear's engagement with a mating gear. Meanwhile, engagement initiates merely with a section of the tooth face at the time of the helical gear's engagement with the mating gear.

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