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Machinery Spotlight: Gleason Pfauter PSA 500 CNC Gear Shaper

January 13, 2020

Machinery Spotlight: Gleason Pfauter PSA 500 CNC Gear Shaper

The art of gear shaping was greatly revolutionized with the invention of CNC machining technology. Today, gear manufacturers like True Gear & Spline know that the first priority is to acquire the best machinery out there to help us produce consistent and high-quality products.


In today’s blog, we want to introduce readers to the next machine in our Machinery Spotlight series, the Gleason Pfauter PSA 500 CNC Gear Shaper.


At the True Gear factory, our Gleason Pfauter PSA 500 has a 500mm capability, and it is just one of the many machines that has greatly enhanced the work we are able to do.


Gleason Corporation produces gear manufacturing machinery that specializes in precision cutting, shaping, and grinding. As a gear shaping machine, the Gleason Pfauter PSA 500 is best suited for manufacturing internal and stepped gears.


Every advanced gear-making facility has to have a gear shaping machine as they bring many advantages. The most obvious advantage is the fact that only one cutter is needed to produce the gears, making operations far more efficient and streamlined. Gear shapers are also known to be more precise and have a faster rate of production. Not only that, this specific method of making gears can be applied to all types of gears, thus bringing much-needed versatility.


The Gleason Pfauter PSA 500 expands on all these thanks to its superior design. With ram stroke speeds from 90 s/min up to 900 s/min, this machine is not only fast, but flexible. It’s maximum wheel diameter of 500 mm and maximum table load of 1000 kg allows it to process more orders faster, all at great accuracy.


In addition, it comes with an electronic helical guide and has a special face gear attachment that improves shaping accuracy and capabilities all while shortening lead times. Very few machines can combine all these advantages together in an efficient and easy-to-use way as the Gleason Pfauter PSA 500 can. Indeed, it is truly a marvel of a machine.


With that said, it is not enough to possess only the best gear shaping machinery. A well-rounded and well-stocked facility such as True Gear’s needs to have a wide variety of machinery to cater to very specific and minutely different applications. If you’re interested to know more about how True Gear keeps going above and beyond by using only the latest technology, stay tuned for more information about our machines in our machinery spotlight series!