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Machinery Spotlight: Gleason Phoenix Gear Hobbers

February 13, 2020

Machinery Spotlight: Gleason Phoenix Gear Hobbers

At True Gear and Spline, it is our first priority to make sure our facility is outfitted with the best machinery so that we can bring our customers top of the line services. Gear hobbing is one such service that we excel in, thanks to our extensive catalogue of machines.


Among our arsenal is a series of Gleason Phoenix machines that specialize in gear hobbing at different sizes.


We have Gleason Phoenixes with 400 GH and 400mm external capacity, 200 GH and 22mm external capacity, as well as 125 GH and 200mm external capacity. This diversity gives us an advantage as we are allowed to be more versatile with our production orders.


Indeed, the name of the game at True Gear and Spline is versatility, which is why we opted for the Gleason Phoenixes. They boast the ability to produce high precision gears at faster speeds, processing orders at a quicker and more accurate rate.


Gear hobbing is one of the most crucial processes in the manufacturing of gears, responsible for the crowning of external gears, as well as producing spur, helical, and single indexing gears. The term “hobbing” refers to the movement of the hob, which rotates together with the workpiece to generate specific cuts and shapes according to what was programmed in the CNC software of the machine.


CNC is another aspect of the Gleason Phoenix machines that is incredibly important to the modern process of manufacturing gears. CNC was developed to help manufacturers produce more accurate and precise results, maintaining clear measurements down to the smallest variable and ensuring that the entire process is smooth and flawless. With CNC, human error is eliminated from the process, cutting down on labour and time while guaranteeing perfection.


With our selection of machines, True Gear and Spline is able to be even more competitive in our field than we already are. As we grow, we will continue bringing in more exciting machinery to evolve our capabilities.