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Machinery Spotlight: Kapp Niles ZP-12 Gear Grinder

November 24, 2020

Machinery Spotlight: Kapp Niles ZP-12 Gear Grinder

As one of the most trusted gear manufacturers in Ontario, it is vital that we at True Gear & Spline continually increase our CNC machining capabilities. Thanks to our Kapp Niles ZP-12 gear grinder, we have been able to continue servicing various industries in Canada, helping to keep the economy going during these tough times.


One of the specialized capabilities of this machine is to grind gears for the agricultural feed industry. True Gear is proud to be part of the effort to feed Canadians, especially now when stable supply chains have never been more important.


Having been recently redesigned, the new Kapp Niles ZP-12 will be able to grind larger gears, with much higher tolerance as well as increased speed. With these enhanced capabilities, True Gear will be able to extend our services to the machinery, mining, energy, oil and gas, and prototyping industries. The new Kapp Niles will allow True Gear to manufacture AGMA class 10, 11, and 12 gears routinely.


Here are some additional features of the Kapp Niles ZP-12:


  • Ability to grind internal and external gears up to 1.2m in diameter
  • Reduced dressing time thanks to dual dressers
  • Worm grinding possible with optional software


True Gear hopes to continually increase our CNC machining capabilities through the acquisition of high-quality machines. Currently, our inventory includes machines from all the top manufacturers, including Mitsubishi, Gleason, Doosan, Kapp Niles, and more.


It is essential for us to partner with the most trusted manufacturers out there. Kapp Niles has more than a century of experience in the industry, using their extensive knowledge to design and build the best machines, with a focus on gear grinding. Their machines are typically used in the automotive, aviation, compressor, energy, rail, mining, and shipbuilding industries. Naturally, the emphasis is on durability and adaptability, making sure customers can utilize these machines for the long haul.


For more information on our CNC machining capabilities, check out our website or give us a call!