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Machinery Spotlight: Mitsubishi GE 20A CNC Gear Hobber

January 23, 2020

Machinery Spotlight: Mitsubishi GE 20A CNC Gear Hobber

CNC machining has enabled gear manufacturers like True Gear & Spline to excel beyond expectations and produce at the highest standards of quality and efficiency. It is to everyone’s benefit for manufacturers to invest in only the best and most advanced technologies, using machine power to complement our decades of experience in the business in order to produce only top-of-the-line products.


One of True Gear & Spline’s many machines at our 22,000 square-foot Cambridge facility is our Mitsubishi GE 20A CNC Gear Hobber.


With this machine, our CNC machining capabilities continue to go above and beyond.


The process of hobbing is fundamental to manufacturing gears, specifically of the spur and helical variety. During this process, the hob and the workpiece rotate in tandem, and this combined motion is what generates the shape of the workpiece’s teeth. This unique process is more versatile than other kinds of cutting methods, which is why hobbing machines are so valued among gear manufacturers.


Indeed, Mitsubishi has built a stellar reputation manufacturing only the best of the best machinery for all kinds of cutting processes, being the foremost experts in CNC machining. No facility is complete without a Mitsubishi machine, which is why True Gear makes it a point to have several of these. The Mitsubishi GE 20A CNC Gear Hobber is one of their standout machines, upping the natural versatility of the hobbing process by complementing it with increased accuracy and speeds.



The GE 20A is part of Mitsubishi’s dry-cut gear hobbing GE series, made to be more compact and effective. Its narrow-width facilitates efficiency in the production line, with various high-speed features added to make the machine even more productive. Everything about this machine has been optimized to prioritize convenience and speed, making it much easier for manufacturers to tackle a higher number of orders in less time.


It is our wish at True Gear & Spline to continue growing our family of machines. Our capabilities will expand more and more over the years to come, making us a pioneer in manufacturing gears.