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Machinery Spotlight: The Agie Charmilles CUT 300 SP

August 30, 2019

For 45 years, True Gear & Spline have been forerunners in the world of gear manufacturing, thanks in part to our commitment to continually update our machinery so that our facility churns out only the highest quality gears and products.


As we continue adding to our family of machines, some of them prove to be standout selections, being among the best of the best and impressing us with their cutting-edge technology. The Agie Charmilles CUT 300 SP is one such machine.


Considered the most versatile machine in the market right now, working with 45-degree cones and a full range of part heights, the Agie Charmilles is a rockstar when it comes to performance and precision.


When it comes to gear manufacturing, you really cannot have too much accuracy. The Agie Charmilles boasts technological innovations which give it increased positioning accuracy, more efficient precision controls, and optimal communication lines. All this contributes to the most precise cuts in the industry right now.


The Agie Charmilles provides surface quality as fine as Ra 0.1 µm (carbide tool), and the precision of the contour may achieve a tolerance of ±2 µm. The machine also features temperature stabilizing technology and wire guides without clearance to further improve upon its level of unseen-before precision.


Furthermore, the Agie Charmilles does all this while being far more economically and ecologically feasible than other machines. Its low consumption of electricity, despite continuing to keep up with industrial cutting speeds, means we can save more and pass on those savings to the customer. It has other energy saving features as well including the ability if its smart motor amplifiers to reuse the power stored during the axes’ deceleration.


All this technological innovation makes the Agie Charmilles one of the most coveted machines out there, and gives True Gear a real advantage in terms of the quality and service we can bring to our customers. We are committed to continually expanding on our family of machines, with the hopes of keeping our gear manufacturing services at the very top.