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Our new Mitsubishi Gear Shapers Are Taking True Gear to Another Level!

July 23, 2019

Since receiving our Mitsubishi ST-40 A CNC 7-Axis Gear Shaper Machines, life has been sweet at True Gear & Spline. When we say this machine is revolutionary, we do not say that lightly. Its high-speed and high-precision NC control technology has enabled us to take our gear manufacturing to new frontiers, increasing productivity and quality dramatically.


After undergoing special training to handle a machine of this caliber, our experienced technicians have become firsthand witnesses to the capabilities of this machine. Its user-friendly pushbutton switches and high-visibility liquid crystal display makes it easy to operate, and its wide-ranging, impressive capabilities make it a fun experience for our technicians.


It is capable of the production of helical gears with either a left-hand or right-hand helix at different helix angles and can shape spur gears, crowned gears, tapered gears, and curved gears. One of the newest offerings of the gear manufacturing industry, the Mitsubishi ST-40 A CNC 7-Axis Gear Shaper is truly a marvel. It is an incredibly flexible machine that can support all kinds of gear types.


True Gear & Spline is lucky to be one of the first facilities in Canada to acquire such a machine.


With its advanced technology, it can tackle difficult gear manufacturing projects such as aerospace parts and other complex parts that would otherwise be time-consuming to manufacture. This machine pushes the boundaries of precision and accuracy, all without compromising on speed. In fact, it is much faster than other machines, giving us the capability to process even more orders.


All of these benefits translate to savings, which we then pass on to the customer. This state-of-the-art technology has truly been a joy to work with thus far, and we are excited to see all the possibilities that are opening up for us and our customers thanks to this machine.


True Gear & Spline is happy and proud to have access to such amazing technology, and we can’t wait to share more of it with our customers.