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Poor Bevel Gear Maintenance: 4 Issues with Malfunctioning Bevels

June 01, 2021

Poor Bevel Gear Maintenance: 4 Issues with Malfunctioning Bevels

Bevel gears are crucial for modern machines because of their multi-axial torque delivery and dependability. However, even the best-built bevel gears can fail to perform as expected if you do not carefully maintain your machines and their components.


Here are four issues you are likely to face with poorly-maintained bevel gears.


Torque Overload

A defective, worn gear can deliver devastating damage to a machine and overall operations. Regular bevel gear maintenance includes the inspection of safe torque loading, ensuring that the component can handle the massive stresses required to function efficiently.


Problematic Load Transfer

Poor load transfer is another common problem. Unanticipated load transfers can damage the other parts of a machine, as well as cause potential downtime for the other machines in a manufacturing or fabrication ecosystem, causing further delays due to repairs or replacement.


Grinding Gears

Gear grinding due to misalignment is a sign of many other problems to come. As soon as operators detect loud, grinding noises, stop the machine's operations and have a professional maintenance team inspect it to prevent further damages.


Sudden Shutdowns

Sudden machine shutdowns can happen because of failsafe triggers. A close inspection and performance history analysis can help you determine the source of the machine’s problems. Oftentimes, problems are due to misaligned gears and poor gear performance.


Solutions to Implement

There are two solutions you can adopt to help maintain consistent machine and bevel gear performance:


1. Proper Gear Assembly

High-quality manufacturers, such as True Gear and Spline, can help you ensure proper gear assembly with the latest manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art equipment.


2. Regular Maintenance Schedules

Having professional technicians from dependable manufacturers guarantees that you can nip all potential problems in the bud from the start. As a result, you'll be spending less on repairs and have guaranteed operational stability.



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