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Precise Bevel Gears at True Gear

July 10, 2018

Precise Bevel Gears at True Gear

Bevel gears have gears whose axial shafts intersect. Their gear faces are conically shaped, with gears mounted on shafts 90 degrees apart from one another. Overall, the pitch surface of bevel gears is conically shaped. Bevel gears are widely used in construction, industrial and commercial applications throughout North America.


At True Gear, we carry and can customize bevel gears between .250 inches to 35 inches in diameter. This includes up to 1 inch in diametric pitch, with many options available for customization of size and pitch.


Counting on expert knowledge and modern CNC tools, we can produce any type of gear at any scale. These modern tools and experience allow us to offer any business precision in the final product with considerable speed and cost.

At True Gear, we can offer high quality and precision by ensuring testing and certification of any piece, whether it is bevel or any other type of gear manufactured in our facility. The quality testing is done onsite by our experts, and guaranteed to comply with the applicable AGMA industry standards, whether measured by pins or through the CMM method.

We maintain the highest and strictest standard of quality in our manufacturing processes. We adhere to the current ISO 9001 certifications and employ top of the line ZEISS CMM with Calypso & Gear Pro Software. Our facilities include a climate controlled inspection room as well as the latest gear standards in manufacturing and design.

Our company technicians and staff have undergone the latest training and have accumulated a wealth of experience in the industry when it comes to manufacturing and quality control. Alongside this investment in personnel, we rely on the most modern manufacturing equipment and measuring technology.

Contact True Gear & Spline today to speak with an expert about bevel gears or to request a consultation for your business or project.