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Precision-Based Gear Manufacturing

May 13, 2020

Precision-Based Gear Manufacturing

When it comes to quality gear hobbing services, it’s integral that you find a shop capable of meeting your unique gear cutting needs. If you require a highly specialized gear to be cut, assessing whether or not a gear hobbing service is capable of meeting your specialized needs is paramount to ensuring your gear is successful in its application. While many manufacturing processes exist to cut certain types of parts, fittings, and other components, for specialized gears - you’ll want to search for a reputable gear hobbing service.


Gear hobbing effectively reduces the risk of human error from occurring. It relies on CNC machining equipment to manufacture highly precise results. This allows gear manufacturers to build high quality, specialized helical gears that will work seamlessly in their necessary application.


Luckily, True Gear & Spline offers the knowledge and capabilities needed to yield quality, precision-based results. Our commitment to maintaining accurate and consistent results is what sets us apart within the gear manufacturing industry. Our facility is equipped with CNC equipment that aid in the manufacture of highly specialized gears. 


Tapered Helical Gear Manufactured by our Kapp Niles ZP-12 Grinder 


Recently, we manufactured a highly specialized tapered helical gear, ground on our Kapp Niles ZP-12 Gear Grinder machine. Tapered gears that are helical are difficult to manufacture and require a higher degree of precision in order to yield quality results. 




We understand the importance of manufacturing a gear that is specially-made for its specific application. It is for this reason that each one of the gears we manufacture undergoes a meticulous examination process to ensure their corresponding project specifications are accurate. We do this as part of our commitment to maintaining a higher standard of excellence when it comes to customer service. We want to make certain that the gear you request is the gear we produce. 




To learn more about our gear hobbing capabilities, be sure to call us today! We would be happy to help you bring your specialized gear to life.