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Reliable CNC Machining Equipment for Gear Manufacturing

May 27, 2020

Reliable CNC Machining Equipment for Gear Manufacturing

When it comes to building custom gears, you’ll want to ensure you opt for the services of a reliable gear manufacturer to bring your design to life. Choosing a gear manufacturer that offers the knowledge and experience needed to manufacture complex gears and spline shafts will ensure the operational success of the gear in its application.


A reputable gear manufacturing service will rely on a range of equipment to achieve your project specifications. CNC machining equipment can provide more efficient manufacturing processes without compromising on maintaining a higher degree of precision and power. This guarantee mitigates the risk of human error from occurring. That way, you can rest easy knowing your gear will be expertly cut each time. 


It is also for these reasons that True Gear & Spline Ltd. boasts a line of powerful CNC machining equipment. Our CNC equipment is capable of executing your project specifications to yield high-quality, and precision-based results you can rely on. Along with over 40 years of experience, we’ve accrued a larger understanding of working with different state-of-the-art machining equipment to suit the needs of our diverse clientele. 


Here are a 3 machines we’ve added to our facility’s equipment arsenal:


Agie Charmilles Cut 300


Swiss-designed and manufactured CNC machining equipment hold a reputation for reliability and powerful features. It offers superior accessibility, design, and manufacture capabilities. A higher level of precision is achieved through its XYUVZ-axes linear scale, and it can go as far as 50-nanometre resolutions - making the Agie Charmilles an asset when it comes to the small manufacture of watch and medical grade gears and components. 


Mitsubishi GE 20a CNC Gear Hobber TGS

Our Mitsubishi Gear Hobber boasts the ability to deliver quick, high-feed processing of workpieces. It achieves this level of efficiency through the conjunction of two fundamental capabilities: Mitsubishi’s super dry-hobbing is used in tandem with a high-speed specification feature. For quick and precise gear manufacturing, the Mitsubishi GE 20a CNC Gear Hobber TGS is a reliable choice.


Gleason Phoenix 200 GH TGS Hobber

Looking for fast processing speeds without having to compromise on precision? The Gleason Phoenix Hobber’s high-functioning CNC capabilities enable it to achieve superior operation speeds, while its 7-axes allow for highly precise gear hobbing.