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Spline Shaft Basics 101

February 20, 2019

Spline Shaft Basics 101

Gear manufacturing is a niche and highly specialized industry. Understanding the inner workings of gear manufacturing can appear to be intricate. Trying to make sense of the differences between gear hobbing and milling, and knowing the differences between all types of gears can be a lot to take in at casual observation. Whether you’re a gear manufacturing enthusiast, or if you just want to know more about gears, we’ll break it down to the basics – starting with the splined shaft.


Today We’ll go through Commonly asked Questions Regarding Spline Shafts:



What are Spline Shafts and what are their purpose?


  • Spline shafts are elements within a mechanical configuration, purposed to transmit torque.
  • A spline shafts achieves the transmission of torque by mating with a female splined bore, or other form of mating component working to impede movement in exterior directions outside of the configuration’s linear path.



What is the difference between Spline Shafts and Gears?


  • Splines and gears are both purposed to transmit torque and both feature external teeth that lock into place with a mating component.
  • Splined shafts differ from gears as they use all teeth or grooves simultaneously to transfer torque. Gears in contrast, utilize one tooth at a time to transfer torque.



What are the different types of Spline Shafts?


  • Specifications and specialized purposes have shaped the circumstances that necessitate different types of splines
  • A few examples are the parallel key spline, involute splines, crowned splines, serrations, and helical splines





What materials are Spline Shafts commonly composed of?


  • Splines shafts are typically manufactured from metals as they are able to handle heavier loads and stresses more effectively than other materials
  • Common materials include: alloy steels, aluminum alloys, carbon steel, and stainless steel



True Gear is highly experienced in the manufacturing of Spline Shafts


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