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Splined Shaft Materials: 3 Top-Tier Raw Materials to Use

December 16, 2020

Splined Shaft Materials: 3 Top-Tier Raw Materials to Use

A splined shaft is a grooved mating piece with a male and female insertion component. Their major difference with gears is their torque delivery capacity. With gears, you can only transfer torque limited to its teeth. With splines, the entire shaft delivers torque simultaneously.


Typically, these three materials are used for splined shafts:


Alloy Steel

This material is a top choice for splined shaft manufacturing due to its exceptional durability and remarkable wear resistance. In your daily operations, machines with alloy steel splines will last and perform much better with minimal maintenance. Achieving this work capacity enables it to introduce predictable and stable consistency in all your activities.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can provide corrosion resistance with high-tensile strength for splined shafts. Additionally, stainless steel has a great strength-to-density ratio, which is a favourable feature for construction projects and mechanical development. Stainless steel splines are vital components of vehicles, ships, and other locomotives because of their weight.


Carbon Steel

Ductility is sometimes necessary to prevent sudden breakage due to high torque levels. During these situations, carbon steel splines play an exceptional role in introducing sufficient strength and ductility, enabling it to adapt torque delivery according to its raw material limits.


Other Notable Factors

The spline groove design plays an enormous factor in delivering torque levels. Helical splines are preferable for manufacturers who need splines, creating a rotary, linear motion, similar to a helix. On the other hand, some manufacturers need splines that have angles through serrations. You can ask a reliable spline manufacturer, such as True Gear & Spline, to find which spline groove design is best for your projects.


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