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Spur Gears - A Quick Guide

August 15, 2018

Spur gears are arguably the most common amongst all types of gears and are widely used in a vast array of industrial machinery, appliances, and robotics. Entirely composed of straight teeth, these gears are attached on a parallel shaft to assist in the function of many devices.


With spur gears being the most common type of gear, there are a number of applications that utilize these gears.


Many household items, devices, industrial machinery, and equipment use spur gears. They are installed on clocks, washing machines, and dryers. Spur gears aren’t typically used in cars or automotive applications due to the amount of noise that they generate when meshing. Instead, helical gears are used for these applications.


Spur gears generate a lot of noise because of its teeth. When the teeth of two spur gears come in contact with one another, it creates noise. Many applications utilize these types of gears when noise isn’t generally a problem. Applications like household machines and appliances utilize spur gears within their operation and is a form of a go-to part whenever there is a need for a repair.


Operating on a parallel axis, spur gears are frequently utilized in the enhancement of machinery as well as increasing and reducing speed. This kind of gear is common on manual machines and produces much more noise than its helical counterpart.


Spur gears follow the law of inertia. The heavier the machine that the gears are attached to, the harder it is to reverse, slow, or stop. This is why there is a necessary amount of lubrication that is required for the spur gears to perform more efficiently.


When people think of gears, they typically think of spur gears, as they are the basis of all gear types. But when you require spur gears for your specific application, you need gears that are crafted with quality and are made exactly to your specifications. At True Gear and Spline, we have the skill, the equipment, and the dedication to quality to provide you with exactly what you need.