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Spur Gears from True Gear

September 18, 2017

Spur Gears from True Gear

True Gear is a gear manufacturing firm established over thirty years ago. From a small shop with a few customers, the company has grown into one of the technological innovators when it comes to gear manufacturing. The company’s focus on improving technological capacity has continued and this legacy has become the mark of True Gear as a company, to make it one of the top companies in the Ontario area.

Here at True Gear, the technology is a tool for our fundamental drive, to be a consistent leader in gear manufacturing as well as consistently provide top quality products and services to the clients. This is done as a matter of process in the manufacturing of spur gears. The following are the specifications of spur gears currently being produced by True Gear:

  1. 120 inches maximum diameter spur gears;
  2. DP for spur gears range from 64DP to 1DP;
  3. Spur gears can undergo CNC hobbing up to 18 inches;
  4. Largest ground gears diameter is at 50.2 inches.

The spur gears from True Gear are manufactured in its 22,000 square foot facility located in Cambridge, Ontario.

The equipment utilized in the factory include a ZEISS CMM, CNC gear shaping equipment, as well as gear hobbing and gear grinding machinery totaling nearly CAD4 million. This is the continuous commitment of True Gear to its original fundamentals as well as its continued commitment to the increasing demands from its discerning clientele.

This legacy of quality spur gears production has come a long way from the humble beginnings by Vinko Bizjak. Now, the company is in the capable hands of his sons Vinko Jr and Mark Bizjak. The technological innovations are still the backbone of the spur gears production processes, but the fundamental factor of consistency remains the guiding principle for the company as it moves forward to the new millennia.