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State of the Art Gear Cutting Machines and Capabilities

March 19, 2020

Gears are used in all types of machinery and because of their function, it is important that they are produced with the utmost precision. Each tooth or projection of a gear should be precisely measured, cut and machined without error, otherwise it cannot work with another gear’s tooth. Any errors in the production line will result in inefficiency or machine failure.


For this reason, True Gear and Spline has invested in state of the art gear cutting machines. Here are two hobbing machines at True Gear that are capable of manufacturing precise and high-quality gears.


Gleason Phoenix 400GH


Hobbing machines use a hobbing tool that cuts and rotates simultaneously with the work. Today’s hobbing machines not only produce helical and spur gears, but they are also essential for the crowning of external gears.


The Gleason Phoenix specializes in hobbing and can hob at different sizes. Available at True Gear and Spline are the Gleason Phoenix Machines with 400 GH and 400mm external capacity, 200 GH and 22mm external capacity, as well as 125 GH and 200mm external capacity. They are capable of efficiently producing high precision gears at fast speeds.


Mitsubishi GE20A


The Mitsubishi GE20A, a gear hobbing machine that uses the dry hobbing process to create specific cuts on each gear blank. Unlike wet hobbing, dry hobbing does not use coolants thus eliminating cost and environmental concerns. As a hobbing machine, it is fundamental in manufacturing spur and helical gears. The Mitsubishi gear hobber performs with increased accuracy and speed to meet any tight deadline.  


With powerful and efficient gear hobbing machines, gear cutting is easier than ever.


Looking for reliable gear cutting services? True Gear and Spline provides services using hobbing machines to cut spur gears, splines, helical gears, and double helical gears. With these machines, we can cut crown or tapered profiles if required. Contact us today to learn about our services and what we can do for you!