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Straight Vs. Curved Tooth Bevel Gears

July 16, 2020

Straight Vs. Curved Tooth Bevel Gears

Bevel gears are an essential component used in assemblies that require immense power transmission. Useful across a myriad of industrial applications, bevel-type gears are found in automotive drivetrains, construction equipment, helicopter transmissions, escalator drives, and assembly line transmissions. They are typically used to alter the direction of shaft rotation. But they are also very effective at decreasing speeds and increasing the torque between non-parallel rotating shafts. These gears are classified based on tooth shape: straight or curved. 


In today’s blog we delve into the key differences between straight and curved bevel gears. Read on to learn more. 


Straight Tooth

Similar to the teeth found on spur gears, straight-tooth bevel-type gears feature similarly shaped teeth except that the teeth point toward a point - much like that of a cone. For mating gears, the cone-like teeth must connect at a common point. Within the broader classification of straight-tooth bevel-type gears, there exist sub-types including back cones (otherwise known as a hypoid cone), and pitch cones.


Curved Tooth 

Otherwise known as helical bevel-type gears, curved teeth gears are used in applications with intersecting shafts. Defined by their curved, spiralized teeth, this allows for more tooth contact, improved high-speed capability, and much quieter functioning. 


When curved tooth bevel-type gears meet, their teeth mesh gradually as tooth contact happens simultaneously across the face of the tooth - making them well-suited for adjustment in comparison to their straight tooth gear counterparts. 


In the past curved tooth bevel-type gears were much more difficult to fabricate. However with modern-day CNC machining, curved tooth bevel-type gears are now much easier and as a result, less inexpensive to fabricate.



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