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The ABC's of CNC Machining

June 02, 2017

The ABC's of CNC Machining

CNC machining involves both electronic and mechanical technologies. CNC is the acronym for computer numerical control. In this form of gear manufacturing, a computer guides the movement of the cutting machine. The cutting machine can be a grinder, laser cutter, lather, milling machine, router or welder.


There are basic components to a CNC machining operation:


  1. Computer: CNC machining operations rely on computers to guide the operation of the cutting machine. This is done through programs that govern the actions of the cutting machine. Precision is key here, thus constant monitoring is needed.
  2. CAM: This stands for Computer Aided Machining. In CNC machining, the CAM are software programs used to operate the cutting machine. This allows for automated operation of the cutting tool without need for human intervention. Once a set of specifications are entered into CAM, the machine does all the work.
  3. NC Code: This is the computer language that translates the CAM into outright commands for the cutting machine to follow. Depending on the complexity of the design and the number of splines and other customizations done, the NC guides the whole process. The NC Code translates the CAM instructions into specific actions for the cutting machine to do to complete the CNC machining process.
  4. Cutting Machine: This can be any machine capable of fashioning a designed template. This can be gear shapers, lathes, grinders and laser cutters. Depending on what is the design and the material to be used, the proper cutting machine can be used. After cutting, the CNC machining process would be repeated.


The misconception is that CNC machining is only for large-scale operations: however, individuals can now fashion out gears and other equipment, work that once needed to be outsourced. True Gear & Spline is ready to offer you or your business CNC machining services: contact us today and let’s chat about your CNC machining solution!