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The Accuracy of the Gear Hobbing Procedure

April 19, 2018

True Gear and Spline specializes in gear hobbing and shaping with modern CNC technology and extensive technical experience. Hobbing is one of the most fundamental processes involved in gear manufacturing. It is the most commonly used method for spur and helical gears that meet a demanding industry standard.


In the process of gear hobbing, the combined motion of the workpiece and the cutting tool dictates the shape of the outcome.


The result of the procedure is not the particular form of the cutting tool. The rotation of the hob depends on the number of teeth. The gear hobbing tool cuts the workpiece at different angles. The coordination of the cutting tool and the workpiece allows the hob to create an involute curve.

In the rotation process, all the teeth of the hob are being put up. The hob produces a cutting edge by slashing the gashes across. It sharpens the hob face and retains the original tooth shape. The number of flats bending determines the final profile of the tooth. It is the same with the number of cutting gashes. It passes through the workpiece tooth during rotation process. The number of gashes in the hob can improve the smoothness of the tooth profile.

Gears are a mechanical component used to transfer power and motion. They reverse the direction of rotation and alter the angular orientation of rotary motion and are also used to convert rotary motion into linear motion and vice versa. They also alter gear speed ratio. The methods of machining gears have two classifications. They are the gear generating and gear form-cutting.

These methods affect the gear motion which includes the hobbing and shaping. The gear teeth are progressively generated by a series of cuts. The hobbing process is used to produce many kinds of gears, and at True Gear we have the capability to meet any customized needs and scale. Contact us today to learn more about our gear hobbing and shaping capabilities.