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The Advantages of CNC Machining in Gear Manufacturing

October 09, 2019

Today's manufacturing industry heavily relies on computer-numerical control (CNC) technology to accomplish both routine tasks and specialized tasks that require accuracy and precision. Gear manufacturing is no exception. So, what is so special about CNC machining and what does it bring to the table?


Precision and Accuracy

A typical CNC machine can have an accuracy of 0.0001. After a two or three-dimensional model of the final design is fed into the software, the CNC machine can immediately produce all the components needed based on the exact specifications of the model. This is a repeatable process, wherein the machine operator can specify exactly how many items of the same design need to be produced.



A CNC machine is a robust machine that can withstand long hours of operation. It can operate for 24 hours every day, ensuring a high rate of operation. Machines like this only ever need to take a break when it is time for maintenance, and if you perform maintenance regularly, you can avoid downtime from repairs as well.


Less Manpower

CNC machining tends to have all-in-one capabilities wherein only one CNC machine, and thus one machine operator, is needed to make a product. This is a marked improvement from conventional machines, which oftentimes could only perform one process at a time, and as such several machines and operators were needed to product one item. In fact, one operator can run several CNC machines at a time, unlike manual machines that require at least one operator for each machine.


Better Safety

Safety should come first to lessen the risks of workplace injury, illness, or death. Thankfully, CNC machining is much safer compared to manual machining. For one thing, an operator can run a CNC machine at a distance from sharp cutting tools.


Considering the above advantages, CNC machining truly offers a cost-effective option for manufacturing different types of gears. At True Gear and Spline, we employ state of the art CNC machines to cut, hob, mill, and shape a variety of gear blanks according to custom specifications. Get in touch with us today!