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The Advantages of Gear Hobbing with Modern Technology

June 07, 2018

Another type of process that requires utmost accuracy is gear hobbing. It is a cutting process that is used to cut splines, sprockets and gears. The hobbing machine is a milling machine that can cut into a work piece in a continuous, accurate manner.


The hob is the main tool that is used for cutting and gear hobbing.


In the course of the hobbing process, the machine rotates the work piece continuously. It is during this period of rotation that the hob is axially and completely fed with every teeth that has gradually formed.

There are many options provided by gear manufacturing experts like True Gear & Spline. Employing various modern processes, we can produce various specific and customized types of gears using a complement of modern and durable materials. We manufacture our gears with great precision and accuracy, and can offer technical advice based on well-established experience and qualification.

Here are some of the key advantages of gear hobbing with modern CNC technology:

  • High Speed – The process is relatively fast. The speed is a result of the extremely accurate and automated procedure. Thus, it needs only minimal operational supervision with the right experience.
  • High Precision – The entire process must be extremely accurate in order to produce the best possible gears in the process.
  • High Flexibility – Among the many different types of hobs, there is one that can suit your needs. This means that there is always a method and customization that can cater to any particular application. In short, your business will always have a choice.
  • Versatility – While gear hobbing can be used to manufacture spur gears, it can also be used to make helical gears, ratchets, splines, worm gears and cycloid gears.

We are proud to offer professional gear manufacturing at True Gear and Spline, employing tools as diverse as gear analysis charts and dimensional reports to ensure the best possible work. We have full certification for GearPro, Calypso and Zeis CMM software. We have the passion and dedication to produce best quality of gears. Contact us today to learn more or to request a consultation.