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The Benefits of CNC Machining in Gear Manufacture

May 28, 2018

The Benefits of CNC Machining in Gear Manufacture

CNC machining is, and has been, standard far in metal fabricating shops and computer numerical control revolutionized the gear and spline business too. It is highly regarded for its precision, speed and efficiency. CNC machining is known to reduce production times and increase part quality.


Reduced production times and precision parts time after time, CNC machining is a lucrative option for any business looking to get the most value out of its raw material.


Whereas manual methods of gear cutting and hobbing were relied for many decades, and skilled operators could achieve fantastic quality and precision, but CNC machining too has a number of advantages which makes it ideal for gear or ancillary part fabrication.


  • Quality and speed – CNC machining means you get the same result time and again. The part cut is exactly what is specified. What’s more, the speed of production is significantly higher than manual methods.


  • Production volumes – For larger production runs, CNC machining offers a great option. It offers a speedy manufacturing process, which yields consistent results. Though a skilled operator will be able to replicate the same high quality, but assessing production rates and the need for quality, CNC machining offers a better option.


  • No prototyping required – CNC machining software lets you visualize the finished product even before it is made. Designed on a computer and production simulated by software means the need for a prototype is done away with.


  • Learning curve – Make no mistake, CNC machining is fine work and requires an experienced operator, but the level of skill required and user involvement in the process as a whole is relatively less than more conventional gear cutting methods.


  • Automation – CNC machining is essential for embracing Industry 4.0: the connected and automated machine. Ever more, machines are offering ways and means of monitoring their progress remotely. With accurate time estimates, manufacturers can offer far more exact timeframes to clients about their project.


  • Reduced waste – Other than reducing parts wasted due to production errors or those failing quality control, CNC machining is an inherently efficient manufacturing process. The raw material required for production can be reduced significantly.


True Gear has over 40 years of experience offering CNC machining capabilities. We have both CNC turning and milling, and general machining capabilities. Our team has vast experience in CNC machining; and true to our commitment to high quality manufacturing, we invest in modern machines.