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The Benefits of Using Ground Gears

July 12, 2017

The Benefits of Using Ground Gears

Ground Gears are a Step Up from the Rest

Ground gears have two major characteristics that set them in a class apart from cut or machined gears. Formed using an abrasive wheel to precision grind the finished workpiece into the desired shape, these gears are more versatile and better suited for smaller components than their counterparts.


Advantages of Using Ground Gears


  1. The finish is more accurate - Tooth finish is far more precise in ground gears, limiting errors in the manufacturing. This is essential for fine instrumentation, avoiding any possible operational issues because gears do not interlock properly.
  2. Versatility of design metals - Any sort of alloy or metal can be fashioned into the right gear dimension and design. Ground gears can be utilized to fashion the required shape on any given metal or alloy with ease.


They Can Handle Higher Loads

Aside from the uses of these components in manufacturing, ground gears are also essential in the operation of select equipment. When hardened and encased, these gears are able to perform with maximum efficiency. Ground gears are used in gear boxes of machinery that require large amounts of torque, because they are able to resist greater stresses.


Multiple Industrial Applications

There are many industries that utilize ground gears in their operations. Amongst the first to use ground gears was the trawling industry, as the pull of the fish nets require large amounts of torque which only finished ground gears can provide.


Other industries that utilize ground gears include fertilizer plants for mixing batches of chemicals, cement plants for grinding rocks and other minerals, sugar mills for the crushing of the sugar cane and extraction processes.


Ground gears have become essential parts of equipment that require high performance and reliability. The specialized qualities of ground gears allow them to perform tasks well beyond the standard gear activities in regular settings. Using ground gears is one way to ensure that equipment runs smoothly for longer periods of time.