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The Emerging Trends Made Possible Through CNC Machining

October 04, 2018

The rapid rise of new technologies in machine tools have greatly influenced how manufacturing and machining is done. More advanced design concepts and CNC machining methods have greatly increased the quality and performance of shops worldwide.


CNC machining has revolutionized various manufacturing processes, and that includes our operations at True Gear and Spline!


Various machining processes can now be integrated into one process using a single machine. This can all be attributed to the innovations made to expand production capacities and capabilities. Here are some of the emerging possibilities provided by the latest CNC machining processes and tools:


Automation and Smart Machining

New demands in manufacturing have called for smarter machining and automated systems. Automation is also preferred to meet increasing demands since it offers more practicality and cost effectiveness. Smart machines can integrate different machining tasks into one efficient process, achieving higher precision and producing more parts in minimal time.


Higher Tolerances of Machine Tools

While lower priced machines are initially cheaper, they won’t be able to match the increasing demand for higher quality manufacturing and sophistication that CNC machining can offer. The automotive and mold and die industries, for example, are demanding for smaller lot sizes and higher tolerances, as well as higher surface qualities. Only higher quality machining centers can meet this increasing demand, providing the highest precision, accuracy and finishes.


More Complex Parts

While much simpler lathes were used in the past, more sophisticated CNC machines are now in demand to perform machining jobs with higher complexities. With this growing sophistication, companies in the optical, medical, and aerospace industries also have been showing an increasing interest to create more complex and intricate parts. So in order to meet such demands from these industries, manufacturers of tools are even more prompted to innovate more and improve their building capabilities.


Thanks to the relentless efforts of the expert designers and operators here at True Gear & Spline, we’re able to harness the full power of CNC machining to produce a variety of gears for a number of different industrial applications. When you come to us with your specifications, our team will utilize and adapt our latest CNC technology to create gears and build parts effectively and efficiently for you.