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The Essential Spur Gears

The Essential Spur Gears

Our CNC machining operation ensures that all of our manufactured, cut and assembled gears meet the highest standards of quality in Ontario’s diverse industries. We employ the latest and most efficient technology in order to adhere to these standards of quality and to provide you with the spur gears that are precise and durable.

Our CNC machining services are capable of handling all standard materials for gears. These include specialty alloys too. No matter whether the job is simple or complex, we strive to deliver results that exceed your expectations.


With our dedicated CNC machinery and quick turnaround time, we can produce the customized spur gears at a competitive rate.


Advantages of Spur Gears

As the most common type of gears, spur gears are commonly used in industrial applications and machinery as well as electric screwdrivers, oscillating sprinklers, or home appliances like clothes dryers and washing machines.

Multiple uses in the Technology Industry - Overall, spur gears have several applications. Although not as quiet as helical gears, spur gears are used in power plants and marine engines. They are very essential when it comes to maintaining the efficiency of the whole ship or facility.

  • Usable in Pumps - Spur gears are also used in fuel pumps, gear pumps as well as gear motor pumps. Its energy conversion needs to be be very high.
  • Used in Mills - Spur gears are also essential in milling, commonly used in rolling mills and steel mills.
  • Efficiency Advantage - Spur gears do not only transmit power efficiently, they can also transmit as much as 50,000W of power while maintaining a constant velocity ratio and without slip.
  • Easy Installation - Spur gears are reliable and easy to install because of their compactness. With the expert help of our staff you can make certain cutting and installation are made to specification.

Although spur gears may have some disadvantages, like limited center distance and noisy operation, they provide a wide range of benefits and can be cut to very specific requirements. Call or visit True Gear & Spline today to learn more!