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The Importance Of Gear Hobbing

April 29, 2022

Gear manufacturing is a complex task that requires immense experience and knowledge. In today's time, almost everything relies on automation. To keep up with the increased demand for industrial-grade gears and splines, even gear manufacturers worldwide have been switching to more modern methods.


Gear hobbing is one of the most popular gear cutting techniques used by gear manufacturers. Hobbing machines that are relatively inexpensive as compared to CNC machines are popular among gear. This is because they offer great precision and are relatively easy to use.


The fundamentals of gear hobbing


Hobbing is the process of converting a flat, cylindrical piece of metal into gear or a spline. This is done by progressively cutting teeth into the metal piece with the help of the cutting tool known as a hob. Spur and helical gears are more commonly cut through hobbing than any other type. 


Anatomy of a hobbing machine

The cutting tool of the hobbing machine is referred to as the hob. The machine also has two skew spindles that are used to mount workpieces and the hob respectively. 


The angle of the two spindles can be adjusted depending on the type of gear being cut. 


Importance of hobbing machines

Hobbing machines are also sometimes referred to as hobbers. Modern CNC hobbing machines are capable of cutting gears and splines with precision. 


Gears and splines of all sizes are required across industries for the effective functioning of machines. Without hobbing machine, it can't be possible to mass manufacture gears and splines of varying sizes.


An expert operator can bring the best out of hobbing machines and ensure maximum productivity. True Gear & Spline Ltd. is a leading name in the gear manufacturing industry. With the help of CNC gear hobbing machines, we deliver all types of gears and splines at the best rates.


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