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The Importance of Splined Shafts in Manufacturing

March 13, 2018

The Importance of Splined Shafts in Manufacturing

In a wide variety of mechanical equipment there is a motor that produces torque. The transfer of this force to the receiving mechanism is made possible by a splined shaft. It is an important component in machinery designed to fix gears and other assembled parts over the shaft.


Splined shafts are required in many applications: manufacturing, locomotives, automobiles, industrial facilities and plants.


They are very useful in facilitating the axial rotation of the gear in a motor and the components over it.


They are commonly made from different metal materials. A splined shaft constructed from alloy steel has exceptional durability and high wear resistance. Stainless steel is an excellent option to prevent corrosion with high tensile strength. Carbon steel provides a good balance of ductility and strength.


There are various types of a splined shafts in terms of grooves or tongues, which transmit torque. The top five designs used today include:


  • Crowded: features modified splines that narrow towards the end face creating angular misalignment.
  • Parallel key: has a square profile and ridges.
  • Involute: designed with tapered ridges enabling it to reduce stress concentrations
  • Serrations: features splines with include angle allowing more teeth on a smaller diameter shaft.
  • Helical: made with either an involute or parallel spline and the ridges form a helix pattern which allows both rotary and linear motion. 


A splined shaft has to be made of high grade, durable materials. Even the strongest of metals has to be properly cured and finished to prevent imperfections that can result in stress cracks and possible breakdown. Correct measurements of the splines are key: the shaft and the gear have to be made to ensure maximum transfer of torque across the splined shaft. The female and male splines have to be aligned and interlocked properly for maximum torque transference from motor to hub.


Another important aspect in creating a splined shaft is its load capacity. It has to be just enough for the splined shafts to carry the force across its axis to transfer. It should not be too much or too light to prevent problematic issues.


As such, it is crucial to use high quality and well-designed a splined shaft to ensure that machines work properly and efficiently. That’s why at True Gear we carry top quality materials and parts, using the most advanced CNC technology for precision. We have been in the industry for over four decades, cultivating of experience in the manufacturing industry. We provide an extensive stock of high quality products and services, including splined shafts, combined with excellent customer services and expertise.