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The Industries That Require Consistent Bevel Gear Maintenance

December 04, 2019

The Industries That Require Consistent Bevel Gear Maintenance

While bevel gears can resemble a spur gear on first sighting, their conical shape is what differentiates them from conventional styles.



These conical gears transmit consistent motion to intersecting gears, and advanced manufacturers, like True Gear & Spline, can fabricate them for any type of angle the machine requires.


The abundance and extensive usage of these gears are seen within commercial and industrial machinery. With such high operating capacities, these industries require regular maintenance on bevel gears for uninterrupted operations. Let’s look at the sectors where this is often seen to be the case:


Food Canning And Packaging

Conveyor belts, pistons, pressers, and other automated machinery in food canning and packaging plants are heavily reliant on spline shafts and bevel gears. This industry requires the most accurate estimations of machine wear and tear as they are contingent on their machines operating at consistent speeds on a daily basis; unpredictable breakdown can result in logistical nightmares if robust maintenance programs aren’t instated.


High Accuracy Machine Shops

Bevel gears are a necessity within machine shops for welding and laser-cutting equipment, internal mechanisms for saw and blade cutters, and other machines that are reliant on precision cut gears. Worn out gear sets can be disastrous in maintaining quality standards, making it important to have replacements available at all times.


The Automotive Industry

It is common for renowned automakers to have their own parts manufacturing facilities, which include gear manufacturing. However, to deliver parts to assembly lines on an industrial scale, they entrust many parts of their operations to third-party manufacturers. Part of this outsourcing includes gear production so that objectives can delivered on schedule.


Construction Vehicles And Equipment

The smallest error in torque transfer and load bearing calculations can turn any construction and development project into a failure. That’s why construction vehicles work closely with the best gear manufacturers in Ontario to ensure they have replacement parts at the ready. In doing so, they reduce the risk of danger and error in any project.


Ensuring You Have The Replacement Parts You Require

At True Gear & Spline, we’re known for our expertly crafted gears and splines. Whether it's for replacement or an experimental design, our 50 years of collective experience coupled with the most advanced gear manufacturing equipment today will guarantee exceptional results for all your projects. Get in touch with a representative to learn how we can help!