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The Latest Innovations and Trends in Gear Cutting Tools

October 05, 2020

The Latest Innovations and Trends in Gear Cutting Tools

Manufacturers prefer the use of gear cutting tools that offer the highest levels of productivity while prolonging tool life. Fortunately, achieving these two desires are made possible through a customizable solution that entails closely working with the customer from the very beginning until completion of the project. It starts with cutting tool design to cutting parameters through material selection and final coating.


Here are a few of the cutting tool innovations and trends within the industry that are expected to stay:


Improved Heat Resistance

The majority of the effort in improving the process of gear cutting has been focused on optimizing the gear tooth manufacturing process. When it comes to cutting tool materials, it’s the heat resistant property that’s enhanced at higher cutting speed. In terms of material technologies, improved thermal stability and conductivity along with higher wear resistance also have been greatly improved. Computer simulations and complex analysis methods are now widely used to achieve the most suitable tool solution in meeting production requirements.  


Enhanced Stability of Tool Coatings

Different coatings also vary in performance. The major force in creating new tool coatings is enhanced stability at even the highest of temperatures. Only a few coatings are formulated to perform well in high stock removal rates or high heat applications. While they can be quite expensive, they have still opted for high-speed gear cutting. This improved tool coating has oxidation thresholds that range from 1200 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for aggressive stock removal rates in wet cutting and for dry cutting. This innovation in coating technologies is expected to improve even more in the ensuing years.


High-performance Tool Manufacturing

Cutting tools are customized for each gear specified for certain applications, geometry and material used. With this kind of gear production demand, expertise and knowledge of cutting tool manufacturing are vital to creating high-performance tools using only the best materials. You can experience this level of service when working with True Gear, whom you can fully trust in manufacturing gears and spline shafts crafted with your special needs in mind.