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The Latest Technologies of Gear Hobbing and Grinding

June 20, 2018

The Latest Technologies of Gear Hobbing and Grinding

Gear hobbing and grinding is an essential part of the manufacturing process. Different gear manufacturers rely on different methods and equipment to offer added benefits to gear shaping. Speeds, accuracy and dependability should be the main concerns of any enterprise partnering with a gear manufacturer.


Significant challenges in the industry include a shrinking workforce. improving productivity, rising cost of materials, finding new avenues for products, expansion plans for facilities, and improving work speed.


In order to address some of those major concerns, here are some of the opportunities and technologies we rely on at True Gear to provide high-quality gear hobbing and grinding. 


Most gear hobbing and grinding projects require reduced completion time to finish more products quickly. A prevalent technique to achieve this goal is to grind several distinct features simultaneously. In order to do this, we rely on modern CNC technology, which has become very relevant in the industry. Cycle time is very important to any bottom-line, and when grinding varying features investment in high-end CNC machines is crucial. Automated precision machinery and software has largely become the industry’s standard of quality.


Among the various Canadian industries, the automotive has the most use for accurate gear production. Gear hobbing and grinding is one of the processes that will be increasingly significant to meet the future demands of modern and green technology. This is particularly true in the case of electric cars which are expected to grow in popularity.


True Gear & Spline provides CNC gear hobbing and grinding services using modern technology and machines which can produce ground gears up to 1000 mm face width and 1250 mm diameter. We have advanced CNC software and in-house inspection capabilities, allowing us to manufacture gears to the highest industry standards.  Contact us today to learn more or to request a consultation.