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The Main Components of CNC Machining

July 15, 2021

The Main Components of CNC Machining

CNC machining has greatly revolutionized gear manufacturing, allowing for more accurate process, quicker turnarounds, and the exploration of more design possibilities. CNC stands for computer numerical control, which describes how the process is done. A computer, instead of a technician, guides the movement of the cutting machine based on pre-programmed designs.


Here are all the key components of CNC machining:


1. The Computer

As mentioned, a computer controls the movement of the gear-making machine. Blueprints for the design and specification of the gear are uploaded into the computer’s system, and the computer then carries out those instructions with pinpoint accuracy. Because precision is such a big factor of CNC machining operations, technicians are still present to monitor to process and later quality-check the gears, but they are not needed to carry out the actual cutting process.


2. CAM

This acronym stands for Computer Aided Machining. This is the main software behind CNC machining. While the computer acts as a console in which all the instructions are carried out, the CAM software is what allows all this to happen internally. Quality machining specialists will always make sure their software is up to date and capable of the latest innovations.


3. NC Code: 

Just as software is needed to keep a computer running, a computer language is needed for a software to make sense of instructions. NC Code is the computer language that translates all the instructions for the computer to follow. Today, gear specialists not only have extensive knowledge of gears themselves, they also have adequate understanding of these software programs and how to troubleshoot them.


4. Cutting Machine

A CNC computer can be attached to any kind of gear-making machine, such as a grinder, laser cutter, lather, milling machine, router, or welder. Depending on the kind of gear that needs to be manufactured, the proper cutting machine can be used.


With these innovative and convenient solutions, gear manufacturing has never been so easy. Call the experts at True Gear and Spline today for information on our CNC machining capabilities.