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The Manufacturing Of Spline Shafts

October 14, 2020

The Manufacturing Of Spline Shafts

Spline shafts are mechanical devices that offer anti-rotation when working as a linear guide or when transmitting torque. The grooves, splines, and the tongues are normally processed along the entire length of the shaft. They transfer rotation movement in rotary drive functions as a linear guide when partnered with other internally-splined bearings.


How do you manufacture these shafts?


The most common way to manufacture these shafts or very huge gears is broaching. Usually, a vertical broach is needed to create the spline. It consists of a vertical rail that carries one tooth cutter that is designed to make the desired shape of the tooth. The process includes the use of a rotary table and a Y-axis. When it comes to producing large gears through broaching, a specialized machine that cuts to a certain depth on the Y-axis is usually required. 


True Gear and Spline offers keyway cutting and broaching services utilizing three different methods. We have the capability to create spline shafts and keyways to your exact specifications through our latest CNC keyseater and broaching technology. They allow us to create keyways and splines in high volumes at a very economical cost. Moreover, the advanced CNC slotter enables us to create both low and high volumes of the devices into blind holes, too.  


Components of spline shafts come in various different shapes and forms, and their key purpose is to transmit power from one point to another. When it comes to manufacturing slender shafts, light-cutting tools and rigid clamping are very important to prevent untoward vibration. Conversely, careful preparation for the hardened stage with gear wheels is an absolute must. As for hard-part turning, the two critical things are predictable machining and superior surface finishing. All of them are necessary to achieve the cost-effectiveness of completing your project with us.


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