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The Most Fundamental Aspects of Gear Manufacturing

March 08, 2021

In the majority of gear manufacturing projects, gear shaping is one of the most flexible processes to produce both internal and external gears. It’s more suitable for instances with manufacturing gears with interfering contours, and in cases when gear hobbing is not applicable. Gear shaping is the most chosen generating process because of its continuous rotational movement during the manufacturing operation. The tool used and the workpiece, or the gear blank, form a pair of gears in which their rotation speed is in conjunction with the number of teeth ratio. As such, the gear profile is produced by the rolling action on the same pressure line.


True Gear and Spline offers a wide range of shaper cutter geometries thanks to the advanced capabilities of our gear shaper machines from reputable manufacturers.


Our Gleason Pfauter PSA 500 CNC Shaper TGS and Mitsubishi ST-40 CNC Gear Shaper TGS are just some of the latest gear manufacturing technologies behind our topnotch ability to perform gear shaping and create various types of gears. 


They all provide unique capabilities such as internal and external helical gears as well as double helical gears. With the aid of their CNC controlled helix angle abilities and very quick return stroke, lead times for big production runs can be met easily. 


Due to the high customer demand for precise geometry, we have invested in the best and most reliable gear shapers that offer high shaping capacities. This allows us to meet and even exceed project requirements. In close collaboration with our customers, we determine the most suitable combination of gear geometry, the gear manufacturing material, and gear shaping tool, considering the gear’s future applications. Since gear shaping is one of the fundamental parts of the entire gear manufacturing process, True Gear ensures that every aspect of this process is at its best. Finally, all our gears have been through a rigorous inspection process to make sure that all your requirements are satisfied.


If you’re looking for expert precision and dedication to the craft, True Gear & Spline Ltd. has been in the manufacturing industry since 1974. Contact us today to learn about our full range of services we can offer you!