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The Splined Shaft and the Automotive Industry
The Splined Shaft and the Automotive Industry
July 18, 2018

At True Gear and Spline, we are experts in manufacturing gears and splines at any scale and to any specification. With over 40 years of experience and a modern facility that houses state-of-the art machinery, we are confident we can provide the highest standard of quality and precision.  Using CNC and conventional technology, we can produce a range of custom made gears and splines, including the commonly used internal and splined shaft.


A splined shaft is a drive shaft in which the splines act as key holders for the gears in order to form a geared rotating shaft used in many types of drive belts or transfer cases.


It is usually splined or keyed vertically so that multiple gears can be used in a single shaft. There are many types of industrial and commercial applications where a splined shaft is ideal, particularly in the automotive sector:


  • Transmission/Gearbox- The counter shaft and main shaft in a transmission are splined shafts. They work by transferring the gear ratio from the main shaft and countershaft. The gears on the shaft are keyed and or slotted, which holds the gear in place and keeps it from spinning by itself, creating a “drive”.


  • Axles- In the automotive industry, cars of all makes have an axle attached to their wheel spindle; this is the main driveline that turns the tires. Their constant velocity joints (CV joints) have splined ends to achieve grip on the drive shaft.


  • Conveyor belts- For industrial or commercial use, there are many designs that rely on a splined shaft to increase the gear ratio or lower it for increased torque.


At True Gear and Spline, we offer complete services including technical consultation, customized design and precise results in fabrication. We are certified Zeiss CMM manufacturers with Calypso and GearPro Software, and we follow the latest industry standards to ensure quality. Contact us today to learn more.

Always so easy to work with these - I can see why they're so widely used in the industry.
Posted by: James | May 16, 2019, 1:05 pm
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