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The Three Different Types of Gear Shaping Machines

January 18, 2018

The Three Different Types of Gear Shaping Machines

Gear shaping is a precise machining process used to create teeth or splines on a gear using a highly accurate and precise cutting tool. It is a convenient and versatile method of gear cutting used to produce well-polished gears with perfect cuts of splines or teeth. Using CNC technology, we can provide you with a high degree of precision, safety and performance.


Because it is a highly intricate process which requires extreme precision, gear shaping also requires a precisely engineered machining tool to ensure the best results. At True Gear & Spline, we have extensive experience, skill and modern equipment to produce customized gears for any scale project or machine.


When it comes to gear shaping, fabricators are offered three different options to choose from, depending on their particular needs and budget. Each tool and method has their respective benefits and drawbacks, which should be weighed out according to the conditions and needs of the project. To understand gear cutting better, here are the machining tools and methods that are used for proffesional gear shaping.


  • Electronic Stroke - Electronic stroke shaping tools are equipment that uses patented shaper head technology. They are designed to eliminate vibration and preserve alignment over generations of use.
  • Mechanical Stroke - Mechanical stroke shaping machines use a combination of the latest mechanical stroking technology and powerful CNC capabilities. These tools can cut internal or external spur or helical gears plus a wide range of non-involute shapes.
  • Hydrostroke - Uses hydraulics to get the job done. They feature CNC hydraulic stroking gear shapers with variable quick return stroking, direct drive spindles, electronic indexing and elevating cutter spindle housing.


All of these methods are proven to shape gears with great precision. Most importantly, we use modern and sophisticated technology to provide accurate cuts and precise shapes. Whatever method you choose, we can help.