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The True And Tested Way Of Manufacturing Splined Shafts

February 19, 2021

In general, a splined shaft is manufactured from metallic materials because of the localized stresses between the tongues or the teeth of the device. The same applies to the case of manufacturing various gears. The most common types of metal used for manufacturing shafts include the following: 



Alloy steels are ferrous, and are based on carbon, iron, and other elements like nickel and chromium. Within these alloys are high-alloy steel, maraging steel, and other specialty steel alloys. For high toughness and strength, aluminum alloys offer excellent corrosion resistance in a much lighter weight than steel.


Carbon steel

This splined shaft material consists of carbon in a lower amount, making it more malleable under certain conditions. 


Stainless steels

This material offers high corrosion resistance. It is a ferrous alloy that contains chromium and/or nickel additions.


All of these machines are equipped with CNC control, with high-speed cutting capabilities, and muffed vibrations for better quality gears and spline shafts. Here at True Gear and Spline Ltd.  we source them from two of the most reputable gear hobber and gear shaper manufacturers, the Gleason and Mitsubishi. Both machines are designed to work in providing reliable gears and splined shafts. We are proud to tell our customers that we have adopted these technologies and machinery in a timely manner, enabling us to take on both small and high volume projects with a high satisfaction rate.


Being committed to being a top-quality gear manufacturer, True Gear and Spline Ltd. had acquired the most advanced machinery in producing every type of splined shaft, gear, keyway, and the likes. Each piece of device we make, including spur gears, helical gears, internal splines and others, call for a perfect combination of various machines to perfect their design and construction. We use the same hob milling machines and tools for producing splined shafts both medium and high precision requirements. Contact us today to learn about how we can support your next project!