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The Various Processes of Gear Cutting

August 30, 2018

The Various Processes of Gear Cutting

We take pride in machining processes where gear cutting is done in the most precise way. Common gear cutting processes include broaching, milling, and hobbing while other processes depend on these processes being done correctly, like extruding, forging, and investment casting. The best way to cut various spur and helical gears is through CNC gear hobbing machines.


Gear cutting and gear hobbing are two things that can be done quickly when the right machines are being used. Gear cutting is used when projects require a quick turnaround time. At True Gear and Spline, our cutting services that we offer will guarantee you a fast turnaround time for your business.


What Are the Various Gear Cutting Processes?


The gear cutting technology that we offer can cut any gears up to a 3 meters wide diameter. Often, this technology is the method of choice for many, especially when advanced gears are needed in the quickest time possible. We make the best cuts with our state-of-the-art technology. At True Gear and Spline, we provide you with the best materials that we can manufacture out of steel, aluminum, phenolic, and nylon.


Here is the list of common gear cutting processes:


  • Broaching: This is using a spline or vertical broach for cutting very large gears. It is good for creating the tooth shape of a gear. These machines and cutters produce the largest gears. Although expensive, this can produce large gears in massive volumes.
  • Hobbing: A method of cutting that uses a hob to cut teeth. The hob must be able to form one revolution to create every tooth of a particular gear. This method is used for all production run sizes although it is ideal for medium to larger ones.
  • Milling or Grinding: This method uses a milling machine or a jig grinder. This is used to produce helical gears.
  • Shaping: This is one of the more convenient gear cutting processes. This process is done with a continuous same-plane rotational cut of the gear.


At True Gear and Spline, we offer high-quality gears in conjunction with the best gear cutting technology and processes using phenomenal CNC machining. We take immense pride in our efficiency and accuracy throughout our manufacturing processes of the best gears on the market.