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Three Different Industries That Make Use of Bevel Gears

March 29, 2019

Three Different Industries That Make Use of Bevel Gears

Bevel gears are distinct from other types of gears in that the axes of the two shafts intersect at a 90-degree angle and the tooth-bearing faces are conical. The teeth themselves can be straight or arranged in a spiral-like pattern. The bevel gear is designed to suit applications that require changing the direction of a shaft’s rotation, which has proven to be a useful function across a wide range of industries. Here are three of the industries that make use of the bevel gear.



One particular type of bevel gear that is used in the automotive industry is the hypoid gear. This type of gear is able to transmit motion between non-intersecting shafts; it is designed for speed reduction and handling heavier loads. A hypoid bevel gearset is used in luxury automobiles with a single axle to gain optimal traction.


Marine Transmissions

A stern drive, which is an inboard engine connected to the outboard drive unit of a powerboat, needs two bevel gearsets between the motor and propeller. The drive consists of two hand propellers that rotate in opposite directions. Straight bevel gears provide greater root bending strength than spiral bevel gears for this particular purpose. The bevel gear is also used in thrusters, as a thruster’s base construction is similar to that of a large stern drive.



Straight and spiral bevel gears are also found in 16,000 rpm jets. All of the engine parts of jet aircraft are oriented around the main shaft. Bevel gear transmissions are used to provide auxiliary units with a power take-off from the main shaft. The redirection of rotation from near-horizontally-oriented output shafts to the vertical direction of the main rotor axis is achieved with the bevel gear.


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