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True Gear’s Latest in Gear Grinding Tech and Standards

May 04, 2018

The importance of gear grinding in achieving the final product will be obvious to most people looking to make or buy gears. After all, gear grinding will determine the final product: ultimately, it will decide the gear’s efficiency, reliability and contribute to the noise and vibration of the machine.


Gear grinding is utilized when a gear has been finished to a high level of hardness, is prone to heat-distortion, or if the application requires a more precise finish for the gear.


Gear grinding ensures accuracy and consistency of gear teeth. Gear grinding is usually performed by one of two grinding methods:


  • Generate gear grinding – Generate gear grinding machines use different wheels. Each wheel hones a different aspect of the tooth’s geometry. These wheels are dish-shaped, threaded and conical wheels. Generating grinders are high precision machines that are used commonly for external spur and helical gears.


  • Form grinding – Form grinding machines use disc wheels comprised of diamond dressing which includes the complete envelope of the involute tooth space. In form grinding, the accuracy of the gear depends on the form wheel dressing.


True Gear offers CNC gear grinding with some of the latest machinery in the business. Our machine’s capabilities include spur, helical and crowned gears up to AGMA Quality Class 14. We also carry out spline grinding, worms and special profiles.

Our investment in the latest technologies and the highest standards of quality we adhere to makes us one of the best companies in the region for manufacturing custom ground gears. It is a source of pride for us that we are able to manufacture gears other are not.