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True Gear & Spline as Your Gear Manufacturing Source

February 16, 2018

Over the past decade, True Gear has been working to improve our gear manufacturing services above and beyond what we’ve already accomplished in the last forty years. Our commitment to our production line, and to our customers, has never been higher, and the positive results from this approach are already becoming clear.


Gear manufacturing has been our company specialty for over forty years.


In the last decade, however, True Gear has truly become one of the forefront groups performing top-quality gear manufacturing in Canada. We’ve invested millions of dollars into our facility, and are working with machines and personnel that guarantee the highest quality possible in manufacturing. Our accuracy and consistency in the gears we produce is a point of true pride for our excellent team of staff, all of whom have years of experience in this field, and are an ideal complement for the high-quality machines and software we use:


  • Gleason Phoenix 400GH
  • Mitsubishi GE20A


We work hard to ensure our gear manufacturing process is as efficient for you as possible:


  • Order Size - We are capable of both large production runs and small-scale orders; we possess the facility and staff to take on even significant orders, and are more than willing to work with smaller batches as well.
  • Quick Turnaround - We take a great deal of pride in being highly efficient in providing your finished products in a timely manner, so as to avoid any kind of inefficient delays in your production line!
  • Powerful Hobbing Machines - Our never-ending quest for increased efficiency has led us to acquire as many powerful machines as we can to help us create a consistent, reliable process for you. So far, we have twenty-eight gear hobbers working on our customers’ orders!


At True Gear, nothing is more important than the outstanding quality of your end result. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about our process, and how it greatly benefits your production line!